The Power of One, Worldwide Holistic Day 10.2.2011

How did this day happen?

A gentleman from India, asked the question in a forum, “How can I get people to know about my holistic practice?”  A simple question really, but then profound ideas I believe start simply.  My response was hold a workshop, lecture, demonstration at your local community level.  It was as if when I wrote those words an electric charge went through my brain and heart.  It that gentleman in India could do that, why couldn’t it happen worldwide?  And so began the momentum behind a Worldwide Holistic Day.  I thought, who am I to start this day?  I middle-aged woman, with some holistic skills, not a giant among spiritual practitioners, alternative/ complementary practitioners.  I am just the power of one.  I am one voice calling out to YOU to join in this momentum.  The second of October was picked because it is Ghandi’s birthday.  I have taken up his creed, ” Be the Change You Want to See in the World.”  Won’t you join me?


4 Responses to The Power of One, Worldwide Holistic Day 10.2.2011

  1. June Meagher says:

    I will be happy to help co-ordinate events here in the UK for this day. Love and blessings June

    • lupierro says:

      June, that would be fantastic. This is the World’s day! Your kindnesses and energy is most welcomed.
      Thank you and namaste!

      • What a wonderful site with so much great information. I love the idea ot this special day and I have been happily a part of itin my own way, as we do free healing circles every month at UCC in Golden Valley, MN. But now for a class at Healing Within! Thank’s so much for all that you do ❤

    • lupierro says:

      Hi June, Worldwide Holistic Day is fast approaching! We are asking practitioners to plan an event either on the 2nd or the first weekend in October.
      I hope to have you onboard! Namaste, Lu

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