The Power of Ten

In 1977, a quirky little documentary film was produced entitled, The Power of Ten. ( ). In the film, a man and woman are filmed from above at a distance of one meter square.  The image is slowly moved out to a new view of ten metres.  The zoom out process continues at a rate of one power of ten every ten seconds until the view is of our world, our solar system, our universe.  It is astounding how adding just a power of ten expands the view and brings the viewer into a more expansive feeling of our world.

I am asking you to use the power of ten to grow our WorldWide Holistic Day.  I will continue to ask ten people a day to join in our effort to raise the level of Holistic Practices worldwide.  Won’t you do the same?  Tell just ten people in the next year about this project.  If they in turn tell ten and so on by Oct. 2nd, 2011 we will have many hearts and minds joining hands worldwide to make this day an incredible healing process for our planet.  The day will happen in villages and hamlets, in towns and cities, in countries and on continents, in the remote areas of our planet and in the most familiar cities.



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