Holistic Practice during time of natural disaster

n September, 1923 an earthquake devastated Tokyo, and Dr. Usui took Reiki into the city to help heal survivors . Word of his gift for healing spread over Japan, and he traveled throughout his country providing help wherever he could. He dedicated the rest of his life to healing, and died from a stroke in Fukayama on March 9th, 1926, at the age of 62.

Dr Usui was a remarkable man.  He offered a Holistic practice at a time of great devastation and was able to help heal not only the physical bodies of people caught in an earthquake but also the emotional and psychological and spiritual trauma that follows such an event.

There are many variations of the story of Dr. Usui and how he came upon Reiki.  They all contain one important theme. He wished to know how the great Masters like Jesus and Buddha healed.  To that end, he studied ancient scripts, but he did not find a satisfactory answer.  He meditated for 21 days at Mt. Kurama and on the 21st day he received the symbols that we still use today in the practice of Reiki.

I wonder how many Reiki Practioners were on the ground during the recent earthquakes in Haiti, Peru and Indonesia?  I wonder how many folk helped others during the Katrina hurricane.  How many are in refuge camps in Africa?

It is my dream and I hope the dream of you the reader, to spread holistic practices globally; not only Reiki, but acupressure, jin shin jyutsu, Qi gong, any practice that brings healing in any form to others on this planet that we call home.

PS:  If you have stories of people that survived disaster because of a holistic practice, I would love to hear them.


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