The Blue Jar

The Blue Jar

This morning I woke up with a persistent voice saying over and over again the blue jar, the blue jar.  I have learned over time not to ignore those voices since there is a message  they are trying to convey.  I do not own a blue jar, so I googled blue jar and found it was the title of a short story by Isak Dinesen.

In the story, Lady Helena searches for a blue jar to remind her of days she spent at sea after being rescued by a young sailor.

She spent years looking for the perfect jar and when she found it, she thought,” Now I can die,” her search was over.

For me, this planet Earth is my blue jar.  I have found a calling, to bring holistic healing to the planet with the help of  other holistic Practioners the world over.  I do not care what you practice; I care about what is in your heart.  Lady Helena wants her heart put into the jar at the time of her death.  I am putting my heart into my blue jar, Mother Earth, I invite you to do the same.


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