The Power of Healing

I have been a Reiki healer for a number of years.  Usually, I worked on clients on my table, laying on hands and helping their bodies access their own healing.

Lyone was different.  He was a three-year old boy whose father had searched far and wide looking for a healing for his son who had stage four brain cancer .Lyone’s dad had been through all that standard medicine had to offer.  His son had had chemo, radiation and had a shunt put into his head.  I offered Reiki, but  this time Lyone was in Japan, and I was in the US.  Kenny, Lyone’s dad would put him on the webcam and I would bring my hands up to the screen.  I was always amazed how Lyone turned his head to meet my hands.

One Christmas Eve, I got a frantic message from Kenny.  Lyone’s tumor had herniated.  He was not eating, speaking or walking.  Things did not look good. I thought dear God, please do not take this boy on Christmas, and began to send Reiki and put a call out to a prayer/healing chain.

Lyone’s parents got their Christmas miracle.  Within days tremendous progress was seen.  Lyone began to speak, then to sing! within a couple more days Lyone was doing something he hadn’t done in weeks, he began to walk.

Lyone had a few more months of a well loved life.  He died only when the tumor became bigger than his brain.  He died pain-free, and singing.

Lyone is one of the reasons I am so passionate about holistic practices.  The body has an amazing ability to heal itself.  We are only in the infancy of understanding all the mechanisms that contribute to our well-being.

Let us share with each other the gifts  that help us heal, physically, mentally and spiritually.


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