What Disease Control Priorities Project Has to Say

In 2007, The Disease Control Priorities Project  revealed that “ despite the power and promise of modern medicine, large segments of the world’s population cannot or do not reap its benefits. More than 80 percent of people in developing countries cannot afford the most basic medical procedures, drugs and vaccines. “

The article lists some of the benefits of Complementary and Alternative Medicines.  For instance, the article concedes that “ Acupuncture has been shown to be highly effective in managing postoperative nausea as well as reducing the pain of chronic osteoarthritis.Chiropractic medicine has become increasingly accepted by the medical community and has proven better for lower back pain than bed rest, physical therapy or instruction in back care.Homeopathy is widely used with reported effectiveness for treating influenza, allergies, and postoperative obstruction of the bowels.”

What better impetus to continue Holistic practices worldwide than to provide care, and services to people who do not have access to Western style medicine.

Let’s hear from you dear readers about your use of Complementary and Alternative medicine either for yourself, your family members or your clients.



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