Healing Beyond Boundaries

Sometimes the limits we put on healing go beyond geographical boundaries, sometimes the boundaries are our own belief system.

Such was the case with my dad, George.  Dad is 92 years young.  He has taken very good care of himself over the years. He eats well, does yoga and walks daily.  He gave up running at 90 because his knees were just too cranky, and gave up doing the headstand when the doctor kept telling him he was going to break his neck.

One day, as he was preparing for his daily walk, he fell and broke his humorous in 6 places.  Luckily, the bone did not pierce the skin, but the x-ray looked like someone had played pick up sticks with the fragments.

At 92 surgery is a risk, so the docs decided to put him in a soft cast and hope for the best.  At this point, I lost faith that he would ever have use of the arm.  Even so I gave him supplements and Reiki and said many a prayer for his healing.  At week three, the doctor took off his glasses when he read the x-ray, and then put them back on.  “Remarkable,” was the only word he could say.  You see, not only was my dad’s bones coming back into alignment, they were healing!  At week 6 he was able to remove his cast and return to normal function.  He can use both hands and arms for bilateral movement.

No, dad will never represent the US in the Summer Olympics, but he can do all the self-care activities he needs to do.  He is also back to driving his car and doing the food shopping.

George, my dad is a perfect example of why holistic therapies need to be worldwide.  Imagine the countless broken bones that are the result of war, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions.  Imagine, the simple laying on of hands or some other practice that could ease stress and activate healing.



2 Responses to Healing Beyond Boundaries

  1. It’s amazing that your father has healed so quickly! Your gift of healing is extraordinary.

    • lupierro says:

      Hi Angela,
      I am but the facilitator. The person wishing to be healed has to be in the right frame of mind.
      It is that mind-body-spirit connection that is so critical to the healing process.
      Namaste to you!

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