Healing and the Holistic Process

Healing and the holistic process of healing is not only in my estimation the rising of the physical body from a bed, though this is what we, in our human form, wish.  No one likes to see their loved ones suffer, yet alone suffer from terminal illnesses.  And yet, somewhere in the deepest recesses of our minds, we know that we all must make that journey. We must all cross into the void and go to where souls go.

Our job as conduits of healing is not only to help people heal their physical bodies, to bring peace and calm to people suffering from mental disturbances, but also in the final stages of our journey here, to midwife the transition from this plane into the next.

The shaman, the priest, the spiritual leader all know the importance of the preparation for the final journey.

A few years ago one of my beloved friends was dying of stage four lung cancer.  As I did Reiki for her, she closed her eyes and I knew while her physical body was on my table, her mental and spiritual being  were elsewhere.  At the end of the session, I asked her where she had been. “Floating,” she said, ” in warm water.”  I wondered in what other dimension was she preparing to be reborn.

Wouldn”t be grand if worldwide there were enough of us to peacefully release those of us who are being called home.

What are your thoughts ?


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