The movie Invictus was an inspiring movie for me and I am sure for thousands of people worldwide.  It tells the story of Nelson Mandela who despite years of incarceration had a single minded purpose to unite his nation that was divided by apartheid.

He solicits one of the most unlikely people to help him in his quest,  Francois Pienaar, the white captain of the Springboks rugby team.

Mandela believes through his nation’s love of sports, he will be able to unite black and white with a common passion.

Let’s take Mandela’s thought of brotherly love and unification one step further.  We can as Holistic Practioners change the world.

How  do you say?   Everyone of us is on this planet at this time for a reason.  Perhaps one of the best reasons for being in my estimation is to reduce the pain and suffering of our fellow traveler on this planet.  You may think you are insignificant in the process of change.  Let me assure you, you are not.  We all have our role to play, and without you, the puzzle is incomplete.

What can you bring to the table on WorldWide  Day for Alternative and Complementary Medicine?

Can you offer free classes, can you give samples of your work, can you offer publicity in your country, can you tell ten others about this day?  ( The Power of Ten).

Let us move forward as the Master of our Collective Fate.



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