Compassion toward others

In his essay, Turning the Stream of Compassion Within, the Reverend Kinrei Bassis speaks to all of us to extend ourselves to those that suffer.

“Compassion is really just the opening our hearts to suffering without allowing our judgments to get in the way. If someone is suffering and we judge them, this closes our hearts and fills our mind with harsh opinions. Compassion does not mean we do not see the mistakes others make; it means we have sympathy and understanding for their difficulties, knowing we are not really different from them. We are all born and live in this human realm in which ignorance and delusion strongly influences our lives.”

Those of us with certain talents and gifts have been blessed by the Universe.  It is my believe we were given these talents not to hoard like a miser or to use them only for our self-aggrandisement or edification.  It is our duty to share our talents with those who suffer, many times through no fault of their own.

Be the light you were meant to be in the world, join us On World Holistic Day and give of yourself freely.


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