You are Needed just bring your love.

Look what you can do.

I know you would love to give a dollar or two to that cause that appears on late night TV You  may even tear up as they see a child with a swollen belly or with flies circling its body, but then the commercial ends and the altruistic moment passes. You pet the dog, grab another handful of popcorn and continue in your comfortable habits.

You figure among so much poverty, so much devastation what can I do?  I am here to tell you what you do can be amazing.  Did you ever work a jigsaw puzzle maybe a 500 piece one and discover you are missing one piece?  Now the puzzle is beautiful and elaborate, but that missing piece is noticeable and every time you look at that puzzle you realize, there’s a missing piece.  It will never feel or look complete.

You are that missing piece in the global puzzle.

Your input, skills, talents are needed.  I firmly believe, if they weren’t you wouldn’t be here.  The good news is your dollar, euro, yen is not needed, and the other good news is that your talents are.

What can I do you may ask.  Well, the easiest thing is you can tell ten people about this website, about World Holistic Day.  You may say it is too early, this thing isn’t happening until next year.  But, just like a seed needs germination time to grow and develop, so too does World Holistic Day.  It will not pop up overnight.  It is not something we can put in the microwave and have it done.  It takes time, effort, work, communication and a whole world of talent to pull off.

What can you do?

Here is put a partial list:

1. Circle the Day in Red on your calendar.

2. Tell ten people about this day and get them involved.

3. Ask your church, synagogue, temple, mosque, school, and library if you can host a workshop, event there on the day.

4.  Offer web-building skills.

5. Advertisement is needed in every country worldwide.

6. Several go to people are needed in every country worldwide.

More jobs, information and ideas are to come.

Do you have any you wish to share?

If you have experience with events. Give a shout,

I would LOVE  to hear from you!

Much Love, and Namaste.


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