Calling all Holistic practioners

I have never really understood the passion of folk who have in their lives had a “calling.”  I have been interested in complementary and alternative practices since I was a child.  My grandmothers grew their own herbs and used them for various illnesses.  My mother’s mother also practiced rituals and “ladies” would come to visit her for specific illnesses.  Perhaps somewhere in my genetic code is the gift of healing.

In midlife, after a successful career as an educator, I decided to become a Reiki practioner.  I had finally found what inspires me, what drives me and what makes my connection to the Divine.

The world has gone through its turmoil in the past few years, wars, famine, earthquakes, tornadoes, the list goes on.  There are many who suffer needlessly.  There has to be a better way, and for me, that better way has always come through education.

To that end, and perhaps in my own foolish way, I decided to begin a grass roots movement for a Worldwide Holistic Day.  I chose Oct. 2, 2011, the anniversary of Gandhi’s birthday as the kickoff date of sorts.

My dream is to have folk worldwide teach a free class, give a free lecture, offer free services that are of a holistic nature.  I am not the owner of this day; it is the worlds.  My ego is not attached to the venture.  It will be successful if we all make it successful.  This is a group effort, and I am a firm believer in the Universe and the people who inhabit it.

You may say, well how do I go about the process of participating in this day?  My answer is very easy.  Open up your home and teach a class, call your local center and offer a workshop, gather a few Practioners together and hold a community service day.  How you go about it is up to your own creative spirit and ingenuity. Call your local newspaper ahead of the day and let them know.  Publicity is the key.

The more people know that there are other ways to become whole than swallowing a pill and paying the bill, the better.

I do not endorse any one practice.  What works for one, may not necessarily be best for someone else.  Local regions of the world have their own shamanic practices and I honor them as well.

For us to make this happen we need to begin today.  I have written this piece.  You can tell ten people about this day.  They in turn can tell ten more, and before we can say Healers Unite, the world will be ready for the shift of this Healing Day.  Be a part of the process, the Universe will reward you.

What else do we need to make this day happen?  Publicity, a website, people willing to photograph and videotape the day at your locale and post it to the web.  Oct.2, 2011 is only the first of these events.  My dream is that long after I am no longer here in my physical form, the day and its healings will continue.

If you can help with getting the word out, email me,

Namaste… Lu


One Response to Calling all Holistic practioners

  1. A nice idea to offer & help spread word.
    I don’t often go into chats & blogs so best to keep me updated is to send an e-mail.

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