East meets West, Healing at its best.

In Western medicine, the patient goes to the doctor and he or she takes care of our physical complaints. The usual outcome is a prescription.  If the situation is complex the prelude to diagnosis may include xrays, cat scans or MRIs, a more intense look into the physical components of the patient.  What Western medicine often does not take into account is that we are multi dimensional beings, we operate not only from our physical dimension, but also from our emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions as well.

When Western type medicine is called into a part of the world due to a crises they bring with them their methodology.  Much of it is foreign to the victims they serve.  While their response is necessary and needed they fail to take into account that indigenous people and holistic practices are also critical for the health and well-being of victims of disaster.

It is important not only to treat broken bones, stem the loss of blood but it is also important to deal with the emotional and psychological trauma that effects the ability to heal.

Complementary/alternative/ indigenous practices are the perfect partners for these scenarios.  For instance acupuncture, accupressure and Reiki can significantly reduce pain, lower blood pressure and calm jagged nerves. In addition the use of indigenous plants and practices can offer a sense of familiarity making the healing process smoother.

Holistic/Alternative ecuation has come a long way in the last decade.  It is a more accepted practice and is gaining ground in hospitals and with insurances.  There is still more to do.  To this end I invite you to give your time and talents on Worldwide Holistic Day.  I invite you to offer a free workshop, class, healing session to others.  I invite you to give your time, talent to those who can most use your help.  This is the time of giving and the time of resolutions for many of us.  You can do no better than to help your fellow man.

Go to worldwideholisticday@google.com and take the pledge to offer a class,workshop, healing session on Oct. 2, 2011… Let the greatness begin.


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