A chance to become

On the last day of the year, two friends were reminiscing about their lives and their level of happiness.  The one friend spent her time in self indulgent ways while the other though struggling managed to give of her time and talent to those in need.

It took some scheduling, but she managed.

I’ll let you decide which one was the happiest.

New Years is the time for resolutions, but more than that it is a time to reflect on the past year and decide what we have done, what we wish to accomplish and do we like the skin we are in.

I am inviting you on a journey of sorts… let me hold the light up so you can see a little clearer.

All around the world there are people in pain.  Many times through no fault of their own.

We can help.  Yes, that’s right you and me.

And all it will cost you is your time.

Worldwide Holistic Day was started to help teach people around this great planet skills to help alleviate their pain and suffering.  I am not asking you to travel round the world.  I am asking you to start in your own backyard.  On Oct. 2, 2011, ( Gandhi’s birthday) offer a free class, workshop, lecture on a holistic practice.  By teaching others we offer hope, promise and a chance to heal.  And if you are not a practioner, offer up prayers on this day for all of those who suffer that they may heal.  Read more about it at www.lupierro.wordpress.com

Please forward this letter to those who can serve..

May the love that comes to you this New Year exceed your expectations.  Lu


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