A Meditation for Healing

In you mind create a circular room filled with candles, one lit for each country of the world.  Each candle represents a person who cries out for our help. The walls of this room are painted a translucent white and reflect the energy of each candle as it glimmers. The ceiling of this room is made of breathtaking stained glass. Study every inch of its design and in the center place the symbol that has the deepest spiritual meaning to you. See the window’s colors the most brilliant blue, gold, green and purple you have ever seen   Silently ask your spirit guides, your angels to come and assist us in this healing meditation.  Ask them to invite the great teachers and doctors to comfort and heal those in need.

Place your gifts in the beautifully woven basket that sits on the floor of this circular room to thank and honor those that have come to help us.

Feel the Healing light penetrate through the stain glass… feel it’s glow on the flame of each candle… as the flame dances with the healing energy.  Feel each ray penetrate penetrate the minds and bodies of people throughout the world, people with a need for healing.  Blue, to heighten awareness and to fill their spirit, gold for them to recognize their divine dignity, green, a laser of healing, purple their birthright color as a child of God.

Feel the white light of the Holy Spirit surround  them and us as it heals..

Feel its pure white loving glow bathe us in peace and stability.  Feel the light releasing all the pain and suffering .

Visualize for them the peace and sleep that comes with healing.

And let us know that we work for the highest good, for the greatest purpose when we offer our gifts. Namaste.


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