Why the world needs healing

I wrote this poem after watching a news release of this horrific incident.


On commad

She threw his head high,

watching the eyes catch her gaze .                                                                                                                                                             He spun, a smal cerbral speck

in an expanse of blue.

When she thought he would touch the sun,

he hurtled down,

a  meteor of mayhem spewing blood:

red rain spraying her hair and lips.

She caught him, to  cheers of the Liberation Army.

Again she tossed the head,

the head she once caressed,

Again the bulging eyes sped past her,

looking to  heaven in supplication.

She thought she would fall backwards

as she watched its rapid descent into her hands.

Beyond the horror of it all,

She kissed him full on the lips.

With a smile known only to madmen and martyrs

she ran full force into an awaiting bayonet.

Only then did the merciful flies deliver them both

bit by bit to Paradise.

Note:  This poem is based on a true story of young people who were caught by Uganda’s Liberation Army as they tried to escape.  The young girl was made to toss the head of one of her friends to the cheers of the Army.  If she missed catching it, her fate was death by the sword.



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