How Holistic Healing Works During a Disaster; What one woman did in Japan

updated 4/8/2011 5:19:48 PM ET

A Binghamton woman is reflecting on a recent trip to Japan and how the country can recover from the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Mary Pat FitzGibbons arrived in Tokyo two days after the disaster as part of a prearranged trip to teach energy healing techniques. FitzGibbons is a nurse has studied energy healing for over 30 years and has developed her own program called HealthWorks Energy Healing. She says the Japanese people have been very generous and helpful to one another in the aftermath of the earthquake. Despite some concerns by family and friends, FitzGibbons never felt overly frightened by the threat of radiation from the nuclear plant 150 miles away. She hopes her therapy can help bring healing to the survivors of the disaster.

Mary Pat FitzGibbons says, “They are marvelous people. They are gentle people. I was humbled to have the opportunity to be there and I really took it as a kind of sacred task.”

FitzGibbons, who does not speak Japanese, used a translator to teach her students about the various healing techniques, including therapeutic touch and positive thinking.

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