Radiation and holistic approaches.

This is an excerpt from an article entitled,” Strategies for Minimizing the Damage to Your Health from Radiation by Maureen McDonnell, RN.

This article is not meant to be perceived as medical advice nor to be misconstrued as a comprehensive or exhaustive list of options.

What to Do When Dealing with Acutual Radiation Exposure

1. As soon as possible remove and discard all clothing

2. Shower with soap or soak in a clay or Epsom bath to minimize the chance of having the radioactive material cross the skin barrier.

Natural substances that can help minimize the negative effects of radiation.  They should be obtained from non-contaminated sources.

1. Aloe Vera: If  skin irration occurs, symptoms similar to severe sunburn can result.  The leaf of Aloe vera possesses great healing properties when the leaf is opened and liquid applied to the skin.

2. Bee Pollen” reduces side effects from radium and cobalt 60. Helps stimulate the immune system which becomes weakened after exposure to radiation.

3. Curcumin: Powerful anti-inflammatory properties and protective effects after radiation exposure.

4. Fermented foods: miso, kefir, raw sauerkraut and yogurt are all a source of beneficial bateria.

5. Garlic: helps keep radioactive isotopes from getting absorbed into the body.

6. Green tea: Contains several antioxidants which help minimize the free radical damage caused by radiation.

Of course, the best medicine is always preventative.  Eat well and keep your immune system in good shape!


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