Are you a watcher or a doer?

, “Living in modern times has turned us into watchers, placing a sliver of distance between us and everything we meet. this watching disheartens our days, it takes the color out of the earth “

How many times have you watched a natural disaster unfold and think if only I could do something. . But, I am offering you more, I am offering you a chance to take the tears you have shed for disasters or for yor own personal losses and add them to the vast ocean of love and support that humanity can bring. Worldwide Holistic Day supports knowledge and giving. It is only when we teach another that we give an immortal gift. The person who was taught will go on to teach another. Soon we will see the shift from pain and suffering to ease and healing. On Worldwide Holistic Day, Oct. 2, 2o11, commit to offering a class in your community. If you are technically savy, offer your class online as a utube movie. One billion people on our planet do not have access to medical care. Help make care happen. Sign up at


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