Rainbow Meditation

This is one of my favorite meditations.  It aligns all the chakras and puts the meditator in a great space of healing.  It is a wonderful meditation to do for you and your clients before a healing process.  Enjoy.  I would love feedback on how this works for you.

Begin by getting comfortable in your chair or lying down on your bed, or in the grass outside.

Blink your eyes, as we get ready for meditation.

Take a deep breath and as you exhale tell your body how good it is to relax.

Take another deep breath and as you exhale,

Feel yourself sinking into your space.

Feel a warm wave of relaxation begin to roll down

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

Now feel the deep feeling of relaxation

Permeate your body,

You are letting go,

feeling at ease,

you are becoming more and more relaxed with each breath.

Gradually you are aware of a pink cloud that has come into your midst.

It comes more and more into focus with each breath.

You walk onto the cloud, and as you do, you become as light as the cloud.

You are feeling so light now.

Your body begins to float up with the cloud,

Slowly, effortlessly, higher and higher.

See yourself moving up through the clouds.

You watch as the earth becomes smaller and smaller.

You find yourself far out into the cosmos

Suspended and floating in space.

You are aware of the freedom of weightlessness.

You feel absolute trust and protection

For you have the inner knowing that you are surrounded by the Universal light and love.

You hear yourself saying: All is well.

Your attention is captivated by the biggest and most beautiful rainbow that you have ever seen.  You head toward the rainbow and its magnificent brilliant colors.

You find yourself gliding into the midst of the rainbow

Totally immersed in the first color, red.

You breathe in the color red and take in all the positive aspects of red.

Feel see or imagine yourself filled and surrounded by the color red.

Be the color red.

Now feel yourself floating out of the color red

And into the next color of the rainbow, the color orange.

See, feel, or imagine yourself the color orange.

All you can see is orange, breathe in the color orange.

Be the color orange, the most beautiful shade of orange you can imagine.

Next, you find yourself moving into the color yellow, your favorite shade of yellow. Her totally surrounded by yellow, take a deep breath of pure yellow light.  Feel see, or imagine yourself as being filled and surrounded by yellow light.

In a moment you are gliding on to the next color, green.

You are now in the middle of the rainbow.

Take a deep breath and fill yourself with the wonderful healing energies of green, the color of growth, creativity and healing.

After you have basked in the green light and bathed in its essence, feel yourself floating into the next color, a delicate shade of blue.

Move until you are totally immersed in the blue light.

Breathe it in and see it completely surrounding your body.

Continue moving now, gliding over into indigo, a dark purplish blue,

The color of   midnight sky.

Feel, see or imagine only this color; this light filling and surrounding your body.

Move over to the next color which is violet.  Linger in this color a while.  Breathe it in, filling and surrounding your body with the radiant violet light.

Finally mover over into the last color, white, a most beautiful, radiant, lustrous white light.  Here you stay for a moment, rested, rejuvenated and invigorated, bathing and basking in the wondrous healing white light.

It is time to leave.

You remember the healing you have just had with the light, and with all the colors of the rainbow.  With gratitude and a feeling of total renewal you prepare to return to the here and now.


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