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And about October 2nd – Worldwide Wholistic Healers Day – what a tremendously huge and daunting undertaking! and such a simple concept.
Alternative, Complementary, Wholistic Healers are, as a whole group, an incredible force of abundant riches in knowledge, abilities, energies  and heart. We are often quiet – doing our work. We don’t have unions to speak up for us and members who can be street-bound and raise voices with placards. Nor do we own the large media outlets that can interact with everyone on the moment, exerting influence for us.
On October 2nd we can speak up with our abilities, our hands, our hearts – in unison – for our niche in the health world and make a poignant difference.
Altogether – one one day. One day of doing what we love to do – all together! Powerful! Something we’ll be able to look back on.
Personally, I’ll be offering Reiki all day. Any / all of my students can come and join in. My other work is all one on one. Reiki allows for as many to be involved as possible at any one time.
Lucrezia, who started this WorldWide Holistic Day, is one courageous lady to take this project on – and of couse she’s is not taking any credit! We do the work and she profiles us after we send her our pictures! And she’ll put the graphics together when it’s all over.
 Merrie Bakker


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