The Power of Service to Others

Service Is Its Own Reward

A true World Server strives to have a mind that is balanced at all times. This requires keen enthusiasm for disinterested, selfless service: Be kind to all. Love all. Serve all. Be generous and tolerant towards all. This is the way to purify both heart and mind, and to help forge the path to world enlightenment.
By performing acts of service, the heart is purified. Egoism, hatred, jealousy, the idea of superiority, and all similar qualities become purged and disappear; humility, pure love, sympathy, tolerance and mercy are developed in their place. The server comes to feel oneness and unity, in touch with all life.
The person who serves the world also serves the self. Only by first reforming oneself can the whole world become reformed. The greatest service that can be rendered is to impart knowledge of truth, as the basic cause of all human suffering is unconsciousness.
True service also purifies the mind, and can be a tool for self-knowledge. This practice requires non-attachment to outcome and that all actions be dedicated to the highest good, with the awareness that all of life is good.
When we give up ego and work merely for the sake of humanity, then even eating, walking, talking, sleeping, breathing and answering calls of nature become joyous activities. Great joy exists in approaching work this way because there is no personal investment in it.
How is this freedom accomplished? When we perform any action, it’s important to go inside and become centered. In this space of equanimity of mind, it is possible to understand the fundamental principles that govern all we do, and many of the outside forces become clearer and more manageable.
There is certainty in the practice of right work. Even a small amount of service to the community or to the poor brings forth its own rewards and advantages. Then, we will again be propelled to do some more good actions by the forces of our impressions of the original action. This is a key detail of the way that service evolves.
While the unconscious cannot conceive of doing work without some personal gain, the World Server attains inner spiritual strength and power by performing selfless motives and practices. Gradually, as we serve society, the glory and splendor of unselfish work is understood.
Synthesis is from
Science of Yoga, Volume 1: Karma Yoga
by Swami Sivananda, Sivananda Press, Durban, South Africa

Commit to Service for our second WorldWide Holistic Day, Oct. 2nd. Commit to hold or attend a workshop, class in your community. When hearts and minds are joined for good, our points of light will illuminate the World!


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