Awareness, Compassion and Transcendence thank you Richard Harvey Psychotherapist, Author and Spiritual Teacher, Founder-Director of Therapy and Spirituality


I will offer a free talk entitled Awareness, Compassion and Transcendence to an international audience via a Skype conference call as my contribution to this wonderful initiative, the Worldwide Holistic Day. My talk will include a guided exercise – The Consciousness Practice – which can be used at any time, as a regular practice, in times of stress, illlness, emergency, or as a lifetime practice for re-centering and connecting with the essential center of being, the source of life and the divine love within.

Full details will be posted on my website, social media and newsletter. You may contact me if you would like to be added to my mailing or would like to participate on the day by sending a message to me at

Lucrezia Pierro’s vow to develop a network of healers to teach, heal and ease suffering worldwide in response to “the cry for healing” shows just the kind of expanded vision – beyond the boundaries of partisanship, nationalism, and self-interest – that we need more of to expand and develop a worldwide consciousness and to usher in a spiritual revolution of heartfelt caring and spiritual awakening for humanity. I encourage you to support Lucrezia and WHD by offering a free event or participating in one on 02 Oct 2012.

Let us join together as one family on the anniversary of Gandhi’s birthday, 2 Oct 2012 and give and receive for the benefit of all beings, all life and collective awakening.

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