Plans for Worldwide Holistic Day 2013

Hello my fellow holistic friends!  I am already working in the background to make 2013 our best year yet for holistic practices!  Please mark the date on your calendar and begin to put your creative energies to work.  Ghandi’s birthday falls on Oct. 2nd, a Wednesday.  That day may not be practical for many of you to host a free workshop, lecture, online teleseminar, but you may want to do something on the weekend.  Last October was amazing!  We nearly doubled our participants in Worldwide Celebration.  We had folk honoring the day in the US, Spain, England, Canada, India, and Israel!  Remember, you can send me your pics, video, etc, and I will post it here, so free publicity for YOU.  

How does Worldwide Holistic Day work?  In your community offer a free lecture, workshop, hands on practice that will benefit your community.  You can be a Reiki practitioner, an aromatherapist, polarity therapist, it really doesn’t matter.  What matters is your intention.  Together, we can teach self care practices that will serve those who need it in times of stress, national calamity, or to further their own health.  

Please forward this to 5 friends who you think may be interested. Namaste


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