Oct 2, 1914 The 4th Annual Worldwide Holistic Day!

Worldwide Holistic Day

Worldwide Holistic Day was started as a grassroots movement in response to a series of cataclysmic events; the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, followed shortly thereafter by several earthquakes in Chile in 2010. Natural disasters, by virtue of what they are, cause mass confusion on the ground. The delay time in medical care caused the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of people from blood loss, trauma and infection.

Watching natural disasters on TV causes a sense of powerlessness. What can we do? We send money and prayers, but there has to be more. Out of that sense of frustration, was born Worldwide Holistic Day.

Oct 2nd was chosen because it is the anniversary of Gandhi’s birthday.  Gandhi emphasized, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” What better mantra to go forth and help ease pain and suffering worldwide.

How can you participate? In a variety of ways!

If you are a holistic practitioner, I invite you on Oct 2nd, or 1st. to offer a free lecture, workshop, demonstration at your home, center, church, school, temple, it doesn’t matter where. Teach one or a hundred and one people simple holistic practices that they can utilize. Education is key. Education is empowerment and is the force that can change the world. Know on this day that you will be joining like-minded people the world over who will be teaching others techniques that could be immediately implemented in times of crises or illness.

You may say, well, we don’t live in an earthquake zone, we don’t have those issues. Let me quickly remind you of Sept. 11, 2001, New York City. America is no longer immune from disaster.

If you decide to participate, go to my wordpress site, www.lupierro.wordpress.com and download a free press release. Fill in your information in the blanks and send it to your local newspaper. (You should do this about 4-6 weeks prior to your event). Advertise your event via Facebook, LinkedIn, or wherever your web watering holes reside.

Let me know the who, what, where, when and why of your event, and I will post your link on my wordpress site under Links that we Love.   You will once again get FREE exposure.

On the day of your event make sure you take pictures.

Email me the pics, and I will post a montage of all the events

Worldwide. Once again, FREE publicity for you!

If simple, holistic practices were more widespread in the world, there would be more people on the ground that could jump into action. Practices like Reiki, acupressure, and Therapeutic Touch have been proven to lessen blood pressure, reduce stress and bring the body into homeostasis. All that is required is two hands. Other disciplines that use herbs such as aromatherapy or shamanism can be of enormous value. Cayenne pepper is one of the master herbs that can equalize blood pressure and promote healing. This is but a small sampling of holistic practices that can be effective.

So you decide, are you a watcher or a doer? You can sit glued to your TV when a natural disaster unfolds, or you can take action. I am offering you a chance to take the tears you may shed during a natural disaster and add them to the vast ocean of love and support that humanity can bring. Worldwide Holistic Day supports knowledge and giving. It is only when we teach another that we give an immortal gift. The person who was taught will go on to teach another.

There is in the study of chaos theory something called the butterfly effect. It states that tiny variations can affect giant and complex systems. The individual flapping of butterfly wings could have an effect on weather conditions worldwide.

Imagine, holistic practitioners worldwide, celebrating their gifts and talents on one designated day. Imagine them sending their loving energy into the world.. Imagine.

Questions, comments? You can reach me at lucrepierro@gmail.com

www.lupierro.wordpress.com to read more.



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