What will you do for Worldwide Holistic Day?

September 22, 2014


CONTACT Lucrezia Pierro

“ Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

The 4TH Worldwide Holistic Day will be celebrated on Oct. 2nd , the anniversary of Gandhi’s birthday. Holistic Practioners worldwide will be offering free classes, workshops and demonstrations. WHAT WILL YOU OFFER ON THE NET OR IN YOUR HOMETOWN?

The goal of this day is to educate people about the benefits of holistic practices and to increase the number of holistic practitioners worldwide. Holistic intervention can help reduce pain and suffering. It complements conventional medicine. In times of crises, holistic therapies can be the on the ground, first response.
Holistic therapies can help reduce trauma, lower blood pressure and prevent bleed out
Lu Pierro, grassroots organizer of Worldwide Holistic day states that holistic practices include but are not limited to reiki, acupuncture, acupressure, yoga, therapeutic touch and aromatherapy.
In celebration of this day, she asks that Holistic Practitioners worldwide offer a free workshop, demonstration, class to educated the public about holistic and complementary practices. She will post pictures on her site and offers free publicity to participants. About WORLDWIDE HOLISTIC DAY: Founded in 2010, Worldwide Holistic Day is an international not-for-profit movement of holistic professionals working to reduce pain and suffering worldwide. The belief is that through education, practices can be learned and immediately applied in times of need. Worldwide Holistic Day promotes the understanding and advocacy of alternative or complementary practices to conventional medicine. For more information go to http://www.lupierro.wordpress.com to learn more about this movement Like us on Face book: Worldwide Holistic Day.



September 11, 2012

Countries who are participating to date: United States, Canada, Spain, England, Scotland, India.

If you have a friend who is a holistic practitioner in another country, please pass this information on to them.
Let’s see how we can form hands across this wonderful world of ours!

Template for Your Press Release for Worldwide Holistic Day

September 3, 2012


For Immediate Release ( your name and number), (your place of origin), (website)
Introductory ( your choice of class, workshop, classes)
(Your name,) (your business)
Title of your release in honor of Ganhi’s birthday and to celebrate Worldwide Holistic Day, ( you) are offering ( your offer) at ( your place) (date) (time)

(Quote) Lu Pierro, grassroots founder of Worldwide Holistic Day states that in times of disaster many people die needlessly because of lack of medical care. Many of these deaths can be prevented with simple holistic techniques. Education says Ms. Pierro is the key. Education is empowerment and a force that can change the world.”

( Your call to action) You can be part of the Worldwide force for change by attending our free class. Call to reserve your spot ( your business name, phone number.)

( Your short bio) (Your name) helps ( who do you help) In three lines or less.
For more information about ( your name and business again) check our website ( your website)
#### ( denotes end of release)

Here is my Press Release.

Contact: Lu Pierro

Worldwide Holistic Day Celebrates its Second Anniversary with Free Holistic Classes and Workshops.

The second Worldwide Holistic Day will be celebrated on Oct. 2nd, 2012. That day, and the first weekend in October, practitioners around the world will be offering free classes, workshops and demonstrations.

Lu Pierro, grassroots founder of Worldwide Holistic Day states that in times of disaster many people die needless because of lack of medical care. Many of these deaths can be prevented with simple holistic techniques. Education says Ms. Pierro is key. Education is empowerment and a force that can change the world.”

Lu Pierro invites all holistic practitioners worldwide to offer a workshop, demonstration or class to educate the public about holistic and complimentary practices. Email her you event, and she will post it on her website. In addition, take pictures during your event, and she will post those as well.

Lu Pierro is a Usui Reiki Master, a Health and Wellness coach, author and speaker who practices in New Jersey. She is dedicated to educating the public about the benefits of complementary practices. For more information go to http://www.lupierro.wordpress.com. Like us on Facebook: Worldwide Holistic Day.


An Alternative Plan

August 30, 2012

Understand the Food You Eat, Your First Line in Your Holistic Health.

August 17, 2012

Be a guardian of your health.

August 10, 2012


Everyday, people worldwide are desperate for healing. Sometimes, their need comes in tsunami waves of pain, as was the case in Japan and Haiti. Other times the cry for healing comes in the middle of the night from a sick child, parent or the elderly. Often, in many countries monies for treatment are not available. Often people have to travel long distances to a doctor or clinic, and often die enroute.
Such stories are heart wrenching. We often feel helpless watching these events, saying to ourselves, “ What can I do?” in the face of such a disaster.

It was on a night of such quiet desperation that World Wide Holistic Day was born.
I vowed then and there to develop a network of healers who would be willing to teach others techniques to ease pain and suffering and to initiate the healing process.

Worldwide Holistic Day was born from that vow.

As the grassroots organizer, my mission is to create a vast geographically diverse group of practitioners who would be willing to give one day of service on Oct. 2, 2012, or that first weekend in October, if that is more convenient. (Oct. 2nd is the anniversary of Gandhi’s birthday). On this day, like-minded people the world over will offer a free class, lecture, demonstration, workshop to teach others techniques that could be immediately implemented in times of crises or illness.

My goal is to inspire others to “be the change they wish to see in the world.” ( Gandhi) and to “love one another.” ( Jesus)

Education is the most powerful weapon in the world. It breaks chains, eases suffering and empowers people so that they may claim their birthright.

Here is What YOU can do:

1. Have a free lecture, demonstration, and workshop in your community. (at a church, school, and your home.) EVERYONE WITHOUT EXCEPTION who participated last year had an uptick in their business!!
2. Inform your local newspaper that you are having this day so you receive publicity.
3. Pass on this information to others who you know are holistic practitioners.
4. Post this on all your social media sites: facebook, twitter, utube, zynga..
5. Pray for people to be open and receptive to healing and sharing their knowledge.
More Info at http://www.lupierro.wordpress.com

In Peace, Lu

Awareness, Compassion and Transcendence thank you Richard Harvey Psychotherapist, Author and Spiritual Teacher, Founder-Director of Therapy and Spirituality

August 6, 2012


I will offer a free talk entitled Awareness, Compassion and Transcendence to an international audience via a Skype conference call as my contribution to this wonderful initiative, the Worldwide Holistic Day. My talk will include a guided exercise – The Consciousness Practice – which can be used at any time, as a regular practice, in times of stress, illlness, emergency, or as a lifetime practice for re-centering and connecting with the essential center of being, the source of life and the divine love within.

Full details will be posted on my website, social media and newsletter. You may contact me if you would like to be added to my mailing or would like to participate on the day by sending a message to me at http://www.therapyandspirituality.com/contact-us.php

Lucrezia Pierro’s vow to develop a network of healers to teach, heal and ease suffering worldwide in response to “the cry for healing” shows just the kind of expanded vision – beyond the boundaries of partisanship, nationalism, and self-interest – that we need more of to expand and develop a worldwide consciousness and to usher in a spiritual revolution of heartfelt caring and spiritual awakening for humanity. I encourage you to support Lucrezia and WHD by offering a free event or participating in one on 02 Oct 2012.

Let us join together as one family on the anniversary of Gandhi’s birthday, 2 Oct 2012 and give and receive for the benefit of all beings, all life and collective awakening.

WHD website: t https://lupierro.wordpress.com/
WHD email: worldwideholisticday@gmail.com

My website:
Therapy and Spirituality Facebook: facebook.com/therapyandspirituality