Water, the first building block of health

Perhaps one of the simplest forms of holistic health is the consumption of clean water.  Not only are we what we eat; we are also what we drink.   If one is dehydrated, health is elusive.  The body is mostly water and systems cannot function properly without adequate clean water.

The National Geographic Magazine noted in 2002 that, “ Among the

Environmental specters con-fronting humanity in the 21st century—global warming, the destruction of rain forests, overfishing of the oceans—a shortage of fresh water is at the top of the list, particularly in the developing world. Hardly a month passes without a new study making another alarming prediction, further deepening concern over what a World Bank expert calls the “grim arithmetic of water.” Recently the United Nations said that 2.7 billion people would face severe water shortages by 2025 if consumption continues at current rates. Fears about a parched future arise from a projected growth of world population from more than six billion today to an estimated nine billion in 2050. Yet the amount of fresh water on Earth is not increasing. Nearly 97 percent of the planet’s water is salt water in seas and oceans. Close to 2 percent of Earth’s water is frozen in polar ice sheets and glaciers, and a fraction of one percent is available for drinking, irrigation, and industrial use.”

Luckily, there are some easy solutions to the water problem.

One of them is SODIS, or solar water disinfection.

SODIS uses the sun to heat and decontaminate water.  2 million people in 20 countries are currently doing it.

Clear plastic bottles are put on a roof or a corrugated sheet and left in the sun for between 6 hours and two days.  This simple procedure kills 99.9 percent of microorganisms that lead to cholera and diarrhea.

Is this a practice that you can share with others?  What a wonderful way to recycle those plastic bottles!


2 Responses to Water, the first building block of health

  1. Lisa Lothian says:

    What about the plastic leaching into the water, which heat exacerbates? I use the ZeroPoint water bottle – can put even the most polluted and contaminated water in this bottle and it embeds the water with healing frequencies! Go to the bottom of this page and then up 12 testimonials http://energyhealing.zeropointglobal.com/testimonials/testimonials.shtml then to this page http://energyhealing.zeropointglobal.com/resources/images/TDS_ZAP_090310.pdf

  2. amanda says:

    What a simple solution using what we already have..how about using glass bottles to minimise further health issues.. As low grade plastic is believed to start to break down in the sun…

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